Administration and Personnel Office


Advising and assisting the Rector in the activities of staff and clerical management, general administration, property protection, in maintaining security matters; emulation, commendation and legal issues.


1. Organizational affairs:

  • Proposing the university’s organizational structure; advising and assisting the Rector in the recruitment, usage and management of staff and employees.
  • Proposing the plan of human resources development in regards to the requirements of the university development; monitoring each unit in developing, training, planning and fostering staff.
  • Performing recruitment tasks: making annual recruitment plan, guiding, monitoring units in the university to comply with the recruitment process.
  • Implementing the policies of health insurance, social insurance, salary and allowance raise for staff and employees in accordance with the law and regulations of the university.
  • Completing the documents sending staff to work and study at home country or abroad; receiving staff returning to the university after finishing their learning and working tasks.
  • Managing, archiving, and updating personnel records, evaluating staff and employees annually; being in charge of confirming the profile of staff and employees; providing data concerning matters of organization, administration upon request.

2. Administrative affairs

  • Receiving, securing confidential information and delivering promptly and accurately all dispatches and papers sent to the university.
  • Managing, archiving to and from documents and dispatches relating to Board of Rectors and Administration and Personnel Office.
  • Ensuring the processes, legality, document forms before they are signed by the Board of Rectors.
  • Organizing the management and usage of the university seals and signatures as prescribed by law.
  • Reviewing and issuing introduction letters, certifications by Vietnamese language; certifying copies of documents issued by the university.
  • Reporting general issues to the Board of Rectors on a regular basis.
  • Coordinating with other functional units in communication, arrange work schedule, and receive visitors of the university.

3. Security affairs

  • Taking responsibility for directing the protection of properties and equipment, fire safety, political security, maintaining safety on campus; organizing and managing militia force of the university.

4. Emulation and commendation affairs

  • Helping the Executive Board of Emulation and Commendation in the organizing, launching, monitoring, summarizing the university’ movements.
  • Implementing the legislation, regulations of the superiors on the work of emulation and commendation.
  • Preparing the database for the Executive Board of Emulation and Commendation to choose the emulation titles, the rewarding level at the end of each academic year or to grant unexpected reward for outstanding groups and individuals.
  • Managing the emulation and commendation database of the university.

5. Regarding legal issues:

  • Assisting the Rector in dealing with legal issues related to university activities, in drafting the university regulations as well as organizational policies.
  • Representing the university to work with law enforcement agencies in litigation, investigations, complaints and denunciations.
  • Coordinating with other functional units in propagating and educating laws, rules and regulations of the university for officers, employees and students.
  • Verifying the legal aspect in the documents compiled by the departments and functional units before proposing to the Rector; consulting the university divisions in drafting and issuing rules and regulations of the university.
  • Providing legal documents for Rector and other units of the university when required, for the purpose of administrative affairs, teaching and research.


Administration and Personnel Office

Address: 168 Nguyen Van Cu (extension), An Binh Ward, Ninh Kieu District, Can Tho City, Vietnam

Tel: +84(0)7103-798668     

Head:     Dr. Tran Huu Xinh