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May 05,2020


Tuition and fees:

At Nam Can Tho University, students pay the tuition each semester (5-month academic term). The amount of payment varies by the training program and is calculated based on credit system. On average, the annual tuition fee is between $1,000 - $2,000

In addition to the annual tuition, student may pay extra fees during their study. For example, fees for extra education courses (foreign language courses, informatics courses, etc.), internship fees and charges for student activities, for health coverage, for residence, etc.


Financial aid:

At Nam Can Tho University, we are committed to making sure that lack of money doesn’t get in the way of your education and success. While studying at the university, students may receive different types of scholarships or financial aid including entrance scholarships, graduated scholarships, annual scholarships and other sources of financial aid.

  • Entrance scholarships: At the beginning of each academic year, the university offers a certain number of scholarships for the students with top most competitive admissions profiles.
  • Graduation scholarships: The top graduate students of Nam Can Tho University will be awarded at the graduation ceremony.
  • Annual scholarships: The annual scholarships are awarded for the students who have excellent scores during the academic year. This kind of scholarship is offered to students of all education programs and at all training levels.
  • Other sources of financial aid: In addition to the financial aid noted above, additional sources can help to cover the costs of a university education, including:

        - University funds for the tuition and fees (applicable for students with disabilities or difficulties);

        - Scholarships and grants from the partner organizations for students with good academic record or high achievement in other student activities.


Moreover, we help the students with disabilities or difficulties by introducing them to the government student loans and grants or part-time jobs that will allow them to earn money to support their studies.