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Apr 22,2023

The practical internship activities of fourth-year students at the DNC Center for Software Development and Applications

The practical internship activities of fourth-year students at the DNC Center for Software Development and Applications

Businesses within universities are a new model that creates breakthroughs that many universities have not yet implemented. This model has been implemented by Nam Can Tho University in recent years, helping students improve their skills and practical experience right from their time at the university.

The internship program for Nam Can Tho University students has many benefits, especially for students in the IT department, after the DNC Center for Software Development and Applications has been put into operation.

  • Opportunities for practical experience: Students get to experience real work in a research and production environment, which helps them better understand the activities and work processes.
  • Development of skills and experience: Internships help students develop the necessary skills to work in a real-world environment, including communication, teamwork, problem-solving, time management, self-learning, and self-development. Students will also have the opportunity to accumulate new experiences and knowledge in their field.
  • Understanding the work environment: Internships help students better understand the work environment and how employees work together in organizations and businesses. This helps students better prepare for future real-world jobs.
  • Expanding networks: Students have the opportunity to interact with experts and employees in the business, expanding their network and seeking future job opportunities.
  • Job opportunities: If students perform well during their internship, they may be recruited to work at the company after graduation or when a suitable opportunity arises.
  • Exposure to different professions: Students have the opportunity to intern at various businesses to become familiar with different professions and make accurate decisions for themselves in the future.

An internship also brings benefits to businesses. Companies have the opportunity to search for and recruit potential candidates from among the interns. Additionally, companies can leverage the passion and energy of students to come up with new ideas and improve their business operations.

Recently, the DNC Center for Software Development and Applications received six fourth-year students from the Faculty of Information Technology at Nam Can Tho University for practical internships at the Center.

With practical research topics on IoT and AI, the students had truly useful experiences during their internship at the Center. With detailed, specific, and enthusiastic guidance from experienced programmers, along with their efforts and burning passion, they have achieved encouraging results.

Below are some photos of internship activities at the Center:

The IoT group is gradually perfecting their products on obstacle avoidance vehicles

The demo product of obstacle-avoiding car is gradually being perfected by the IoT team.

Passion for electronic lock product of female student of the Faculty of Information Technology

The AI team is developing a parking management software using YOLOv8.

The members of the team discussed together to solve the difficulties.

In summary, internships at businesses provide students with opportunities to learn, develop skills and gain experience, have a better understanding of the work environment, and expand their network. This will help students better prepare for real jobs after graduation and have more chances to find suitable jobs for themselves. Additionally, internships help students make accurate decisions about the industry or field they want to develop in the future.