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Apr 20,2023

The Faculty of Pharmacy solemnly successfully organized the scientific conference


On October 9, 2022, the Faculty of Pharmacy solemnly successfully organized the scientific conference "Scientific Research and Teaching of Pharmacy to Adapt to the new situation". The seminar took place and was a great success with the participation of reports, discussions, and comments from leading experts in the pharmaceutical field such as Prof. Dr. Nguyen Thanh Hai (Vice President of the University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Vietnam National University, Hanoi); Assoc.Prof.Dr. Pham Thanh Suol (Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy, Can Tho University of Medicine and Pharmacy); Assoc.Prof.Dr. Ton Nu Lien Huong (Can Tho University); Prof. Dr. Le Thi Cam Thuy (Deputy Director of the Center for Drug and Cosmetic Testing of Can Tho City). After more than 4 hours of serious work, the workshop had 22 presentations, including 7 direct reports at the workshops. The conference is a clear demonstration of the scientific research work of the Faculty of Pharmacy Nam Can Tho University and promises to have many seminars in the near future when the scientific research is reported with higher quality.



Scientific research is determined not only as the task but also as the responsibility of each lecturer at the Faculty of Pharmacy, Nam Can Tho University. Over 10 years of development, along with constant efforts to go up and overcoming difficulties in terms of cramped facilities and equipment conditions, the faculty's staff still recorded many achievements in scientific research. These include more than 50 scientific articles published in prestigious domestic and foreign scientific journals; 40 curricula and lectures are compiled to serve the teaching. Or the collaboration with the University's Pharmaceutical Research and Development Institute in completing research and releasing many products that directly serves the health care of people in the community.

Besides, the Faculty of Pharmacy also regularly organizes monthly scientific activities, annual scientific and technical conferences, seminars, and scientific research competitions for students, to update new research trends and create an environment for the exchange of knowledge, study, and research skills for lecturers and students in training majors.