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Apr 22,2023

International cooperation and scientific research

International cooperation and scientific research

The DNC has promoted international links and cooperation with countries such as the United States, Japan, New Zealand, Korea, Malaysia, and the Philippines. Many delegations, such as the New Zealand Ambassador, the Consul General of Japan, the Consul General of the Philippines in Vietnam, the American Ambassador of Science, the Regis University (USA), the Australian Institute of Trade and Technology (AIBT), the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI), the Tsukui Corporation (Japan), and others visited.

The DNC has cooperated with the University of Science and Technology Malaysia (MUST) to train international bachelors in business administration at the university and in Malaysia. This is a program that inherits from universities in the US, UK, and Australia, so it can meet the global labor market, is highly applicable, has a team of lecturers selected from real business, and has had successful administration. Therefore, after finishing the course, students are equipped with knowledge, skills, and good foreign language skills and can work immediately in domestic and international environments.

The DNC has published 19 issues of the Journal of Science and Economics Development, with ISSN 2588-1272 (According to Decision No. 291/GP-BTTTT dated June 26, 2017, licensed by the Ministry of Information and Communications).


The People's Committee of Can Tho City recognized the DNC for its effectiveness in the application and reach of the initiative at the national level (Decision No. 2740/QĐ-UBND) while the initiative has effective application and nationwide influence of the whole city of Can Tho was 09 initiatives, the DNC had 05 recognized initiatives, as follows:

The DNC NAMCTGU product has the effect of supporting the treatment of gout disease from the mixed extract (bud of Syzygium nervosum species, perilla leaves, and turmeric root).

The DNC GAN capsule product has the effect of supporting liver protection from a mixture of three medicinal herbs (Acanthus ebracteatus, leaves of Polyscias fruticosa species, and turmeric root) in the Mekong Delta.

The DNC antibacterial hand wash product and DNC dry hand sanitizer, ecological cars save fuel and are friendly to the environment.

Nine-seat electric car using solar energy.


The science and technology activities of the DNC have closely followed the National Science and Technology Strategy and have been associated with the training of quality human resources. Many research results had great significance in terms of theory and practice, contributing to improving the training quality of the DNC. A number of good results were applied in practice, affirming the prestige of the DNC. 

At the Science and Technology Award for young teachers in educational institutions in 2021, organized by the Ministry of Education and Training, the Ministry of Science and Technology, and the Central Committee of the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union, the topic "Research on preparations that have the effect of supporting the treatment of Gout from mixed extracts" won the Second Prize. This was the topic of the research team of the Institute of Medicinal Research and Development Institute of Medicinal Plants, in which Ms. Le Thi To Vi was the main researcher.

In the coming years, the DNC will promote scientific research and broaden international cooperation in the fields of education and scientific research for lecturers and students. This will not only be a driving force for a long-term goal for the DNC to stabilize and develop sustainably but also for the intellectual development of generations of students, creating the most favorable conditions and the best learning and research environment for students.

DNC An Duong product of Nam Can Tho University has been verified for pharmacological effects by the University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Ho Chi Minh City, tested by the National Institute of Food Safety and Hygiene, approved by the Ministry of Health, and licensed No. 2903/2022/DKSP


The products originate from a scientific research project of the DNC have been verified for their pharmacological effects by the University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Ho Chi Minh City, tested by the National Institute of Food Safety and Hygiene and tested by the National Institute for Food Safety and Hygiene, approved and licensed by the Ministry of Health