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Apr 20,2023

The Faculty of Architecture - Construction and Environment



The Faculty of Architecture - Construction and Environment, formerly known as the Faculty of Engineering – Technology, was established from the first days of the foundation of Nam Can Tho University (DNC).  In 2017, the Faculty was officially named Faculty of Architecture - Construction and Environment according to Decision No. 16/QD-DHNCT dated March 24, 2017, of the President of the University Council of DNC. During the process of establishment and development, the Faculty has made remarkable progress and important contribution to the comprehensive changes of DNC.


The Faculty has the functions of managing and training majors at the university level such as Architecture, Construction Engineering, Land Management, Natural Resources and Environmental Management, Environmental Engineering, and Real Estate, as well as research activities and technology transfer in the assigned research and teaching fields.

The Faculty undertakes the following main missions:

  1. Managing and organizing the teaching of the Faculty's subjects.
  2. Planning and implementing scientific research activities, experimental activities, scientific and technical services.
  3. Cooperating with domestic and foreign enterprises, and mobilizing the participation of these agencies, organizations, and individuals in scientific research and international cooperation activities of the faculty;
  4. Coordinating with relevant units to advise the leaders on issues of training, scientific research, and enrollment consulting... within the scope of functions and tasks of the Faculty to create a good learning environment and opportunities that respond well to the needs of society.


The current staff includes lecturers who have passion for the profession, have degrees and professional qualifications, and have teaching and research experience in the fields of the Faculty. Besides, the Faculty also cooperates with lecturers and experts at research units, enterprises, and other universities in the Mekong Delta to teach and guide students. From this mission, the professional groups as well as each lecturer always actively make efforts in professional activities, and self-improvement in order to best meet the requirements of the Ministry of Education becoming an inspirational person for generations of students.


Staff members of Faculty


Since its establishment, the Faculty has continuously achieved a lot of titles such as the Advanced Labor Collective, the Excellent Labor Collective, and many other commendations.


(1) Promoting linkage and coordination with domestic and foreign scientists and experts; continuing to increase the quantity and improve the quality of the staff in terms of both professional and practical capacity;

(2) Becoming a reputable and quality unit about training and technology transfer trusted by domestic enterprises, and striving to become a unit with good scientific research achievements of publications on national and international scientific forums;

(3) Developing training programs with postgraduate orientations in the fields of application or research in order to equip learners with the solid foundational knowledge to meet the requirements of socio-economic development as well as international integration.

Promoting good traditional values from generations of lecturers and staff of DNC,  the Faculty of Architecture - Construction and Environment has always maintained the quality of education and training as well as carrying out strong innovation to better meet the needs of learners and expectations of society in the context of globalization.


Faculty of Architecture - Construction and Environmental of Nam Can Tho University

No. 168, Nguyen Van Cu extension, An Binh Ward, Ninh Kieu District, Can Tho City

Phone: (0292) 3 798 168 – 3 798 222



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