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Nov 11,2023 Propose solutions to apply digital technology to promote sustainable economic development

Propose solutions to apply digital technology to promote sustainable economic development

Presentation reports from the international scientific conference organized by Nam Can Tho University are valuable resources for students and lecturers who are interested in the field of digital technology.

On November 10, Nam Can Tho University organized an international scientific conference on the topic of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The event was participated by representatives from various domestic and foreign universities.

Scene from the conference jointly organized by Nam Can Tho University.

Photo: Quang Minh Nhat

At the conference, Dr. Nguyen Van Quang, the Rector of Nam Can Tho University, stated that the experts and researchers in attendance will propose suitable solutions for implementing the Fourth Industrial Revolution in order to promote sustainable economic development and  adapt to climate change.

The conference proceedings, which consist of reports and articles spanning over 200 pages, will serve as valuable resources for students, and lecturers in universities, academies, agencies, and other interested parties. According to Dr. Nguyen Van Quang, these documents cover a diverse range  of topics in the fields of digital technology, digital transformation, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, cloud computing, robotic process automation, biotechnology, green solutions, and sustainable development.  

Delegates attending the conference. Photo: Quang Minh Nhat

Attending and speaking at the conference, Prof. Dr. Vo Tong Xuan, the Rector Emeritus of Nam Can Tho University, said that this international scientific conference will contribute to further motivating students studying information technology, network systems, computer engineering, and it is also an opportunity for academic exchange between domestic and foreign experts and scientists.

In recent years, Nam Can Tho University has made significant efforts to enhance its international cooperation in the areas of education, training, and scientific research. The university has established partnerships with numerous renowned universities and research institutes in countries such as the United States, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Korea, and the Philippines. These collaborations involve the exchange of scientific documents, educational cooperation, and the organization of short-term courses and international conferences, etc.

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