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Jul 29,2016

REAL ESTATE-new job opportunities for students in Mekong Delta

The demand for real estate is increasingly attractive in modern society trend. Efficient estate business and optimal investment strategy need professionals in this field. Therefore, the real estate has become a hot sector and highly attracts human resources.

At the discussion on REAL ESTATE in Vietnam global investment forum in May 10/2015 organized by the Ministry of Planning - Investment and Euro money magazine, according to experts, estate market production in Vietnam has more and more bright spots, bringing more investment opportunities to not only domestic investors but also foreign investors.

As one of the pioneering universities having Real Estate study, Nam Can Tho University increasingly proves our outstanding position. This is a university providing high quality human resources for the Mekong Delta in particular and Vietnam in general. Students will be provided economics knowledge, business administration, architecture, building, planning, infrastructure development, land law and real estate credit - banks, geographic information system (GIS), land information system (LIS), basic soil science, engineering geodesy, mapping, land evaluation and land classification, environmental impact assessment helping them well in real estate sector as well as expanding their job opportunities.

Besides gaining professional knowledge, Nam Can Tho university students have good practice environment. Our efforts are shown by building being conducted with greater scale, making our University one of the most modern facility university in Mekong Delta . Typically:  the dormitory with more than 10,000 m2 area was built in a closed complex, modern model with a variety of services accommodating about 2,000 students. Lecture halls and classrooms have a 10.800m2  floor area used with an investment of about 55 billion; I shape lecture hall are under construction with an area of more than 11.000m2, consisting of four stories and one basement.

With the aim of training creative  and dynamic bachelors that are good in workmanship and have good knowledge, we have constantly invited the experienced lecturers with higher education and seniority to teach at ours . The university also promoted links, international cooperation with the United States, Japan ... conducting other forms of bilateral as well as multilateral cooperation in the education and training.

After graduating from the Real Estate study, students are able to work in companies trading in real estate, property consultancy, banks, companies managing and operating real estate projects, the central commercial building, real estate transactions, the State management agency on real estate from the central to local levels . Besides the real estate study, Nam can Tho University having high opportunity job majors such as: Pharmacy, Architecture, public Relations, Travel  Administrative Services and Tourism, food technology, information technology etc .With  future prospects, dynamic and modern working environment, , high labor demand, steady income, real estate will become a major attracting many students in the 2016 academic year.