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Aug 21,2023

Nam Can Tho University celebrate diversity and integration with students from across the region with HondaUniTour & Youth Union

Nam Can Tho University celebrate diversity and
integration with students from across the region with
UniTour & Youth Union


By: Duc T. Nguyen   |   Aug 21, 2023

On August 12, 2023, Nam Can Tho University hosted The Second Integration Student Festival 2023, a lively and colorful event that brought together hundreds of students from different backgrounds, countries, and cultures.


The festival, co-organized by the City Youth Union - Vietnam Student Association of Can Tho City and the Provincial Youth Union - Student Association of Ca Mau Province, aimed to foster cultural integration and mutual understanding among students, as well as to enhance their knowledge and skills for their future careers.



The festival featured a variety of activities that highlighted the diversity and richness of different cultures, as well as the talents and passions of young people. Some of the highlights included:

  • The Talkshow featured experts and speakers who gave their advices and perspectives on various topics, such as studying abroad, intercultural communication, and career development. The students had a chance to ask questions and engage with the speakers, who had diverse backgrounds and professions.
  • A cultural exchange session where students who had studied or lived in foreign countries shared their stories and tips with their peers, as well as introduced the customs, traditions, and attractions of their host countries. The session also included a quiz game where students could test their knowledge and learn more about different cultures.
  • A Talentshow and dance contest where students showcased their skills and creativity in music, singing, dancing, and other forms of art. The Talentshow and dance contest also served as a platform for students to express themselves and celebrate their cultural identities.


The festival also partnered with Honda to bring the Honda Uni Tour 2023 to the campus, a program that gave students the chance to experience various activities from the Honda brand, such as test driving motorcycles, playing games, and enjoying music shows with popular idols. The program also awarded 10 scholarships to students in Can Tho city who had overcome difficulties and achieved academic excellence.

The Second Integration Student Festival 2023 was more than just a fun-filled event for young people. It was also a meaningful platform for them to learn from each other, broaden their horizons, and prepare for their future. According to a survey conducted by the organizers, 95% of the participants said that they enjoyed the festival and learned something new from it. Moreover, 88% of the participants said that they felt more connected and respectful towards other cultures after attending the festival.

The festival organizers shared their hope that the festival would keep growing and expanding its reach to more students from different regions and countries in the coming years. They also conveyed their appreciation to Nam Can Tho University for providing the venue for the festival and supporting its vision of enhancing cultural diversity and integration among students from various backgrounds and disciplines.


Highlights from the Festival