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Nov 15,2023 Thousands of students from Nam Can Tho University attended the “Job Fair 2023”

Thousands of students from Nam Can Tho University attended the

“Job Fair 2023”

(NSMT)-The "Job Fair 2023" program at Nam Can Tho University was organized to offer employment opportunities for both recent graduates and those who will graduate in 2023.

On November 11, Nam Can Tho University organized the "Job Fair 2023" program for students from all majors. This event aimed to provide students with direct recruitment opportunities and familiarize them with the labor market. It also served as a platform for exchanging information between the university and potential employers regarding training and human resource needs.

Thousands of students from all faculties at Nam Can Tho University attended the "Job Fair 2023"

Nam Can Tho University aims to provide a training program that aligns with the current social demands. This will establish a strong foundation and foster a sustainable relationship between the University and Enterprises, ultimately enhancing the quality of education to meet the needs of society. Furthermore, the "Job Fair 2023" program serves as a bridge for businesses to showcase and directly connect with students from the university, allowing them to recruit quality human resources that are suitable for their needs.

Businesses exchanged job information with students

Attending this year's DNC Student Job Fair, there was the presence of 32 businesses and the recruitment of 425 job positions directly at the fair. The applications will be received for part-time and long-term job contracts after the fair.

On this occasion, Nam Can Tho University signed a cooperation agreement with two businesses to support each other in the field of training. This includes organizing training sessions, workshops, and talk shows to exchange experiences, as well as providing support for practical internships and recruiting DNC graduates. Additionally, the businesses will offer scholarships and preferential policies for students.

This is the eighth year that Nam Can Tho University has organized the "Job Fair" program for students, attracting hundreds of units and companies to participate and bringing thousands of job positions for students. According to survey results, over 95% of students have secured stable jobs after graduation.


Thao Nguyen