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Apr 20,2023

Faculty of Pharmacy



The Faculty of Pharmacy was established in 2013, according to Decision No. 02/QĐ-CTHDQT-ĐHNCT dated February 2, 2013, of the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Can Tho University; is one of the earliest faculties of the University. The Faculty of Pharmacy performs the function of training, scientific research in the field of health sciences, and performing community service activities. Currently, the Faculty of Pharmacy is assigned by the University to train in Pharmacy at the undergraduate level (formal, joint, and diploma 2); training a major on the graduate level of Clinical Pharmacology-Pharmacy. The Faculty of Pharmacy teaches Pharmacology to third-year General Medicine students of the University.


The functions and duties of the Faculty of Pharmacy are specified in the Regulation on the organization and operation of Nam Can Tho University and according to the specific assignment of the School Council and the Board of Directors, including:

2.1. Training

The Faculty of Pharmacy develops, updates, and supplements to complete the Program to ensure that the training meets the criteria of the Vietnamese Pharmacist Competency Standard issued by the Ministry of Health. Every year, the Faculty teaches courses in the undergraduate training program and from the academic year 2022-23 will provide graduate training under the charge of the Faculty of Pharmacy. Lecturers of the Faculty of Pharmacy participate in practical guidance for fifth-year Pharmacy students to practice graduation in 3 main types at the Institute of Drug Testing of Can Tho City, the Pharmacy Faculty of Central General Hospitals and Can Tho City and drug manufacturing companies in Can Tho City, and Mekong Delta provinces. In addition, the Faculty teaches all regular Pharmacy courses, and second-degree courses in pharmacy and teaches the entire Pharmacology program for all Y3 courses of the University.

2.2. Scientific research

Based on the targets assigned by the University's leaders and the research capacity of the Faculty of Pharmacy faculty, the Faculty annually registers to compile textbooks, and lectures and conduct scientific research projects. Every year, the Faculty has registered to organize scientific seminars in the field of pharmacy at the faculty and at university level, seminars to improve teaching methods and improve the training quality of the Faculty and the University. In addition, lecturers of the Faculty wrote and published 01 special issue of Pharmacy No. 16, August 2022. Published many scientific research works in scientific journals, conference proceedings, and specialized scientific conferences at home and abroad.

2.3. Serve the community

Every year, the Faculty of Pharmacy together with the Faculty's delegation organizes many surface movement activities directed by the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union of the school, participates in innovative start-up activities, volunteer activities, donates blood, actively participates in gratitude and charity activities to support families in difficult circumstances, and orphans without support; mobilize sponsors to help students with difficult circumstances and excel in their studies.


3.1. Organization

Organization of the Faculty of Pharmacy includes the Faculty Council; the Faculty's Board of Deans; 6 interdisciplinary disciplines, including the Department of Botanical Medicine - Medicinal Materials - Traditional Medicine; Department of Pharmacology-Clinical Pharmacology; Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry-Chemistry; Department of Analytical Chemistry-Testing-Toxicology; Department of Apothecary-Pharmaceutical Industry; Department of Management-Pharmaceutical Economics; Office of Faculty and Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union under Faculty of Pharmacy.

As the earliest established Faculty of the University, the Faculty has determined that the human factor plays a central role, in determining the stability and strong development of the Faculty and the University. Therefore, human resources are always paid special attention to by the University and the Faculty. In addition, the Faculty of Pharmacy also has a team of  lecturers with deep specialized experience working at prestigious universities, hospitals, research institutes, and drug manufacturing companies in City Can Tho and provinces in the Mekong Delta. This is a human resource that plays a significant role in improving and ensuring the quality of Teaching and Scientific Research of the Faculty. Faculty leaders regularly check the quality of lecturers' lectures through class visits, attendance, and unannounced checks for all subjects and lecturers.


4.1. Training

The training of the Faculty of Pharmacy has been in order, stabilizing and affirming its prestige in front of colleagues and students. All courses are constantly expanding in quantity and improving in training quality. Up to now, the Faculty of Pharmacy has had 5 full-time student courses and many graduate courses, providing thousands of quality university pharmacists for the Mekong Delta region in particular and the southern region in general, serving health care, and contributing to the region's socio-economic development. The survey results show that the rate of students getting a job right after graduation is high, about 90%. Graduates of Pharmacy, Nam Can Tho University, have been assessed by employers to meet the requirements of the labor market. The Faculty is one of the disciplines that have obtained the Certificate of Accreditation of the Pharmacy Training Program from the Scientific Council of the Hanoi National University. On the basis of being granted the Certificate of Accreditation for the quality of the undergraduate training program in pharmacy, the Faculty has been allowed by the Ministry of Education and Training to provide postgraduate training in Pharmacology - Clinical Pharmacology in early 2022. Cooperate with the University to complete the project on opening the code for specialized training I majoring in Pharmacology - Clinical Pharmacology and submitting it to the Ministry of Health.

4.2. Scientific research

The Faculty has always determined that Scientific Research is the foundation and prerequisite for improving the quality of training and serving the community in healthcare. Since its establishment, the Faculty of Pharmacy has compiled enough subjects for all 6 inter-Departments Practical textbooks (internal circulation); In the academic year 2021-2022, the faculty has compiled 10 undergraduate and graduate textbooks; organize a scientific conference at the school level; chaired 03 scientific research projects at the university level. Lecturers of the Faculty of Pharmacy have published many scientific research articles in journals, and scientific conference proceedings at home and abroad.

4.3. Training skills and soft skills

One of the activities that are always of interest to Faculty of Pharmacy lecturers to practice professional skills according to the Regulation on training standards for Vietnamese pharmacists of the Ministry of Health and soft skills for students, such as laboratories, skills in data extraction in clinical pharmacy practice, skills in advising on safe and reasonable use of drugs for patients and their family members at Hospitals and medical facilities, presentation skills, pharmaceutical marketing skills at drugstores and drugstores and teamwork skills. In addition, the Faculty of Pharmacy also organizes training courses on basic and experimental scientific research skills for students to prepare qualified students for graduation projects for excellent students.

4.4. Serve the community

Besides training activities, health science research, and community service activities are always interesting to the Faculty. Over the years, the Faculty of Pharmacy has always completed the examination and inspection of the National High School Graduation Exam under the direction of the Ministry of Education and Training. Every year, all lecturers have fundraising activities to support the flood people in the Central region, support the poor, and especially the Faculty has made many times to support the prevention and control of the COVID-19 epidemic during this past time. In addition, on holidays and New Year, the Faculty Youth Union has participated in many meaningful volunteer programs such as Tet for the poor, the Mid-Autumn Festival program for children, Children's New Year program to spread love and help children help those living in difficult circumstances.


5.1. Improve the quality of specialized training and scientific research to provide society with high-quality students who better meet the requirements of the labor market. Continuing to carry out the accreditation of the master's program on that basis, the Faculty will develop a training program, enroll students, and organize a specialized training program in Pharmacy I. Since then, the Faculty of Pharmacy at Nam Can Tho University has been established becoming one of the branded and prestigious pharmaceutical training institutions in the Mekong Delta region.

5.2. Cooperating with hospitals, research institutes, and pharmaceutical manufacturing companies in accordance with the provisions of Decree No. 111/ND-CP on specialized training in health, to bring students to practice and practice in the fields of health care. in the final year of the course, thereby helping students practice professional skills, and training close to reality so that right after graduation, students can better and better meet the community's health care requirements.

5.3. Promote scientific research, and continue to register to compile textbooks to meet the training activities of the Faculty in order to better serve the research and teaching needs of lecturers and students. Continue to register for grassroots-level scientific projects and strive to carry out signing scientific projects of cities/provinces in the Mekong Delta.

5.4. Improve professional qualifications of officials and lecturers. The Faculty of Pharmacy has now reached 100% of university degrees, and by 2025, about 50% of lecturers will have doctorate degrees. Every year, the Faculty sends lecturers to participate in continuous and short-term training and retraining courses chaired by the Ministry of Health and universities of Medicine and Pharmacy, participate in specialized scientific conferences and seminars, to cultivate, learn from experience, update new knowledge in order to improve the professional qualifications of the teaching staff.

5.5. Organize a variety of scientific activities for students to practice professional skills and vocational skills for students under the guidance of the Ministry of Health.

5.6. The Faculty together with the University continues to promote international cooperation, the Faculty has and will invite senior experts from advanced higher education institutions of countries and prestigious Universities, sign MOUs and promote Promote the exchange of experts, lecturers, university students participating in teaching, seminars, seminars, exchange of professional experience with high-quality training.


Along with the growth of Nam Can Tho University, the Faculty of Pharmacy, through 10 years of establishment, construction, and development, is a short but very proud journey. The Faculty has gradually stabilized and developed steadily. The leadership apparatus has enough mind and vision to build the Faculty's collective stronger and more sustainable. Over the past 10 years, the Faculty of Pharmacy has achieved remarkable achievements in training, specialized scientific research, and community service. In the coming time, the Faculty will continue to plan strategies, develop development orientations to improve the quality of training and in-depth scientific research, promote international cooperation, bring the Faculty of Pharmacy - Nam Can Tho University become one of the quality training institutions in the Mekong Delta region and the South, to provide quality human resources, making a small contribution to the socio-economic development of the Mekong Delta, the South, and the whole country.