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Jun 03,2016

Center for Student Services & Enterprise Relation

Student support:

  • Introducing students to part-time and full time jobs and accommodation.
  • Finding funds for students’ scholarships; coordinating with other functional units to advise and assist the Rector in offering scholarship, financial aid.
  • Consulting, answering students’ questions involving in education, psychology, etc.
  • Coordinating with involved divisions to manage the list of disability students and students with difficulties and supporting those students during their study period at the university.
  • Coordinating with department of Political Education and Student Affairs to manage the number of students leaving school as well as figure out the problem causes in order to suggest the potential solutions to the Rector to resolve the problems.

Business collaboration:

  • Cooperating with the Department of Academic Affairs to organize the courses at the requests of enterprises; the courses with certifications, the courses taken at the learners’ places for direct training, retraining and improving skills for workers, employees and labor.
  • Coordinating with functional units to organize student visits, internship with business partners and inviting business partners to participate in the teaching of practical subjects to students.
  • Cooperating to held workshops at school and at the office of business partners.
  • Mobilizing scholarships for students from business partners.

Alumni connection:

  • Establishing and maintaining the Alumni Contacts Commission; helping the get-togethers of the alumni.
  • Conducting surveys on the progress of the students one year after graduation.
  • Utilizing social relationships of alumni to mobilize scholarships’ funds and visiting and facilitating internships for students. 


Department of Student Aid and Business Collaboration Commission

Address: 168 Nguyen Van Cu (extension), An Binh Ward, Ninh Kieu District, Can Tho City, Vietnam

Tel: +84(0)7103-798 222

Head:    Dr. Tran Thi Thuy