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Apr 20,2023

Department of Academic Quality Assurance and Testing


  1. Introduction

Department of Academic Quality Assurance and Testing was established according to Decision No. 80/QĐ – CTHĐQT – ĐHNCT on October 28th, 2015 by the President of University Council of Nam Can Tho University. The Department was formerly part of the Academic Department of Nam Can Tho University.

  1. Functions and duties
    1. Functions

Department of Academic Quality Assurance and Testing has the function of advising and being responsible to the University Council and the Rectorate Board in implementing activities related to examination and quality assurance in the education of the university by the Education Law and regulations of the Ministry of Education and Training.

    1. Duties
  1. Assessment
  • Advise the University Council and the Rectorate Board to direct and implement the guidelines, policies, and legal documents on assessment;
  • Develop strategies, goals, and policies on testing activities of the university;
  • Chair and coordinate with departments involved in implementing projects, regulations, management documents related to organizing inspections and evaluations, and final exams for courses;
  • Manage exams, question banks, duplicate and distribute exams, and store exams according to regulations;
  • Take charge of organizing exam grading, re-evaluation, quality control, and handling related complaints about final grades according to regulations;
  • Participate in training and professional development on assessment.
  1. Quality assurance
  • Coordinate with other units to research and propose to the University Council and the Rectorate Board the objectives and plans to ensure the quality of education;
  • Take charge of building policy documents on quality assurance according to the Rector's approval process for issuing policy documents, regulations, guidelines, and projects related to quality assurance;
  • Organize the implementation of tasks related to quality assurance work in the University, propose and monitor the implementation of measures to improve the quality of education in the University, take charge of organizing the construction of a quality assurance database, periodic self-assessment reports, and improvement recommendations, be responsible for implementing internal evaluation, peer evaluation, and quality accreditation of educational institutions.
  • Provide support for departments and faculties in implementing self-assessment and quality assurance for training programs; collect and report on educational quality assurance activities as required by the school and higher authorities.
  1. Other duties
  • Participate in supporting the admissions work under the direction of the University Council and the Rectorate Board;
  • Carry out document management, archiving, and statistics to serve the management of the department and the university.
  • Coordinate with the University's Board of Inspection to conduct regular inspections according to the regulations of the University.
  1. Staff


The organizational chart of the Department of Academic Quality Assurance and Testing


In recent years, thanks to the close guidance of the University Council and the Rectorate Board, along with the cooperation and support of all individuals and units within the university, and the unceasing efforts of the staff and specialists of the Department of Academic Quality Assurance and Testing, Nam Can Tho University has become one of the first universities in the Mekong Delta to implement education quality accreditation and was recognized by the National Education Accreditation Council for meeting education quality standards in 2018. Building on this foundation, in 2019, the Department of Academic Quality Assurance and Testing led and coordinated with the faculties to implement and complete the accreditation process for four training programs, including Pharmacy; Economic Law; Business Administration; Construction Engineering. In 2021, the Department continued to implement and complete the quality assurance and certification process for 4 training programs, including Information Technology, Automotive Technology, Tourism Service Management, and Master of Business Administration, in accordance with our plan. This increases the total number of certified training programs to 08, accounting for 22% of the total number of training programs and contributing to the reputation of the institution. Additionally, this will enable the institution to train students at a higher level.

Thanks to their achievements in examination and quality assurance work, the Department of Academic Quality Assurance and Testing has received the distinguished title of "Outstanding Collective Labor" for many consecutive years. Additionally, individuals who have outstandingly completed their tasks during the academic year have been recognized with the title of "Model Workers" and "Advanced Laborer" awarded by the school and the Can Tho People's Committee.

  1. Orientations for development

According to the plan, the Department of Academic Quality Assurance and Testing will continue to perform well the assigned tasks, actively innovate the management work, and improve the effectiveness of the management work. We will build good relationships with colleagues within the University. We will continue to advise the University Council and Rectorate Board on the strategy, and objectives of training activities for lecturers and staff on quality assurance, and quality control; strengthen capacity building in testing, developing of training programs, inspection and evaluation techniques; guide the units to implement the capacity building tasks, training according to the regulations and plans that have been issued. Enhancing internal inspection work, promptly address any shortcomings while promoting achievements that have been made. Managing work systematically and ensuring scientific accuracy. Coordinating closely with departments and other units within the University in professional activities. Fully participating in social and charitable activities initiated by the state, local authorities, and the university.

  1. Contact

The Department of Academic Quality Assurance and Testing Room E6-02, 5th Floor of the Multi-functional Building (Building E), Nam Can Tho University.