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Apr 23,2023

Architecture curriculum


1. Description of the undergraduate program

1.1 Introduction

The Architecture curriculum trains architects with sufficient knowledge, skills, political qualities, ethics, professional behavior, and good health to be able to work effectively in various fields related to architecture.

1.2 General information

Program name


Training program code


Issuing university

Nam Can Tho University

Degree name


Level of training


Required credits


Training form


Training duration

5 years

Admission requirements

High school graduates

Grading scale


Graduation requirements

- Students must have accumulated enough credits and completed all the required courses of the training program, with a total of 167 credits;

- Students must have a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 5.0 or higher for all courses throughout the entire program;

- Students must meet the university's general requirements for English and computer proficiency standards;

- Students must meet the program's requirements for soft skills and professional skills;

- Students must have completed the national defense and security education program and fulfilled all the required courses.

Job positions

- Experts and technicians working at design companies, enterprises operating in the field of construction - design - planning, construction organizations, inspection and construction-related companies, and architecture construction.

- Officials working at agencies, governmental/non-governmental organizations, management, research, and appraisal companies related to construction and architecture.

- Staff and assistants working at scientific and technical education and training units related to the field of architecture

Advanced education and training

Graduates can pursue master's and doctoral degrees both domestically and internationally.

Reference curriculum

University of Architecture Ho Chi Minh City, Van Lang University, Hong Bang University

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