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Jan 10,2024 White Coat Ceremony and Doctor’s Oath

White Coat Ceremony and Doctor’s Oath

On the evening of January 9, Nam Can Tho University held its annual "White Coat Ceremony and Doctor’s Oath" for over 600 new students majoring in General Medicine, Dentomaxillofacial, and Pharmacy. These students were recently admitted to the university and were welcomed into the healthcare field. According to Dr. Nguyen Van Quang, the Rector of Nam Can Tho University, this ceremony is a tradition for new healthcare students and serves to educate them on medical ethics and instill a strong sense of responsibility in future physicians. This year's ceremony, held in the academic year of 2023-2024, was the largest ever and was a tribute to physicians.

Nam Can Tho University holds its annual White Coat Ceremony and Doctor's Oath for new students pursuing a degree in healthcare

This is the sixth time since the Faculty of Medicine was established, Nam Can Tho University has organized and maintained this tradition to promote the medical profession and healthcare professions.  It is a significant moment for each new student majoring in health as they don their white blouses, symbolizing their entry into the medical profession, and take the oath: "To uphold high ethical standards, possess a deep understanding of medical theory, and excel in the practice of medicine." Dr. Nguyen Van Quang emphasized the purpose and significance of the event, stating that it serves to guide and lay the foundation for their future paths in life.

This is the sixth time since the Faculty of Medicine was established, Nam Can Tho University has organized and maintained this fine culture “White Coat Ceremony and Doctor’s Oath”

During the enrollment period of 2023, Nam Can Tho University admitted 406 students in General Medicine, 181 students in Pharmacy, and 45 students in Dentomaxillofacial. Throughout the past decade, the university has successfully trained nearly 5,000 healthcare professionals for the provinces and cities of the Southwest region.

Nam Can Tho University Hospital serves as a learning, practice, and employment hub for students upon graduation. In mid-2022, the hospital's first phase, consisting of 200 beds and 29 departments and functional rooms, was launched by Nam Can Tho University. The second phase, which will add 500 beds, is expected to be completed by 2027. In addition, the university has established the DNC Health Sciences Research and Training Institute. Through the "business in university" model, Nam Can Tho University offers comprehensive training, research opportunities, internships, and job placement for its students.

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