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May 03,2024 Cooperation in training and research on semiconductor technology in the Mekong Delta

Cooperation in training and research on semiconductor technology in the Mekong Delta

The scientific workshop, titled "Cooperation in Training and Research on Semiconductor Technology and Electric-Electronic Engineering in the Intelligent Era," was organized by Nam Can Tho University on April 25 and has now concluded. Although the workshop has ended, it has provided valuable opportunities for the semiconductor industry in the Mekong Delta region.

According to Mr. Nguyen Van Linh (MSc), Deputy Dean responsible for the Faculty of Information Technology (IT) at Nam Can Tho University (DNC), this workshop serves as a platform for experts to exchange ideas and discuss cooperation in training and research on semiconductor technology and electric-electronic engineering. It also provides an opportunity to explore practical solutions for developing new training fields that address societal needs and align with the government's goal of producing 30,000 to 50,000 engineers for the semiconductor industry by 2030.

Before the new opportunity, Nam Can Tho University has been preparing in all legal aspects, collaborating in research on training programs, human resources, and facilities to recruit students in the upcoming school years for new majors such as semiconductor technology and electric-electronic engineering. These are highly sought-after majors that are expected to attract a large number of students. Upon graduation, students are promised to have access to attractive job opportunities with competitive salaries, as Vietnam is one of the leading industrial countries in the world that is actively seeking partnerships and development in the semiconductor industry to serve global industries.

Dr. Lawyer Nguyen Tien Dung, Chairman of the Council at Nam Can Tho University, presented flowers to the sponsors

At the workshop, Mr. Doan Hoa Minh (MSc), a lecturer at the Faculty of IT - DNC, presented a report titled "Cooperation in the Field of Electric-Electronic and Semiconductor Engineering Technology Training." The report highlighted the crucial role of collaboration among universities nationwide, as well as between domestic and foreign training institutions. It also emphasized the significance of partnerships between businesses and universities in ensuring high-quality training in these emerging fields.

Mr. Nguyen Van Linh (MSc), Deputy Dean responsible for the Faculty of Information Technology

Dr. Luong Vinh Quoc Danh, a senior lecturer at Can Tho University, presented a scientific report on "Training Human Resources in the Field of Electronics and Designing Microchips at Can Tho University." He emphasized the need for government support and strong direction from the Ministry of Education and Training for training in electronics and microchip design to be effective. Dr. Danh also suggested collaboration between Can Tho University and Nam Can Tho University, including support for teaching specialized modules, both theoretical and practical, joint scientific research, registering intellectual property for research results, consulting on the construction of specialized electronics and semiconductor microchip laboratories, and sharing information about recruitment and job opportunities for students.

Dr. Le Quang Dam, General Director of Marvell Vietnam Technology Company, believes that Vietnam has great potential in the semiconductor technology industry. However, it is crucial to effectively utilize and promote this opportunity. Currently, Marvell Vietnam employs approximately 300 engineers and is actively collaborating with local institutions to train and develop skilled professionals in the semiconductor industry. For instance, Marvell can offer scholarships, internships, technical seminars, and assistance in building laboratories for the DNC.

Dr. Nguyen Van Quang, Rector of the DNC, addressed the workshop

A Representative from the Synopsys company, Mr. Quang Vo, presented a report titled “Cooperation between Synopsys and Nam Can Tho University in training semiconductor human resources. In the report, the Synopsys representative outlined several directions that will support the DNC in semiconductor technology research and training. These include building a training program with the involvement of leading experts from around the world, organizing seminars for students through the academic ambassador program, providing guidance for students during practical training, and creating opportunities for students to enter the labor market in the semiconductor industry. Additionally, there will be trainer training to support lecturers in staying updated with the latest technology.

Dr. Le Quang Dam, General Director of the Marvell Vietnam Technology Company

Mr. Nguyen Van Linh stated that the Faculty of IT - DNC has recently developed two training programs in the fields of semiconductors and electric-electronic engineering, which have been approved by the Appraisal Council. Additionally, the faculty has taken the initiative to provide training for lecturers in semiconductor chip design techniques, in preparation for offering new majors.

At the workshop, two lecturers from the Faculty of IT at DNC presented two presentations showcasing the university's proactive approach. Dr. Nguyen Lam Dong presented a report on "Building Laboratories to Enhance Training for Electrical and Electronics Engineers and Semiconductor Technology at Nam Can Tho University," while Dr. Ngo Viet Thinh discussed the "Remote Laboratory System for Technical Training in IC Design." These reports served as the foundation for the DNC's development of practical laboratories to support student learning.

Mr. Quang Vo, a Representative from Synopsys Company, gave a presentation at the workshop

Can Tho City is also focusing on building and developing advanced technology, including Industry 4.0 technology. The city is increasingly investing in research activities and in training human resources in electronic technology and semiconductor microchips. Can Tho University, Nam Can Tho University, and Can Tho University of Technology have been approved to receive investment and support from the Can Tho City People's Committee to become training and research universities for semiconductor and electric-electronic technology in the smart era.

Prof. Dr. Vo Tong Xuan suggested that for semiconductor training at universities in the Mekong Delta to be effective, the Ministry of Education and Training is requested to research to have a set of training textbooks for the semiconductor industry and issue industry codes for the electrical and semiconductor electronics industries. The Ministry should also soon gather, train, and regularly train lecturers through online training classes of domestic and foreign experts for university lecturers in the field of electricity, electronics, and semiconductors. This helps universities in the Mekong Delta region keep up with and impart modern, updated knowledge in training.

Dr. Nguyen Van Quang, Rector of the DNC, stated that at the scientific workshop "Cooperation in training and research on semiconductor and electrical-electronic technology in the smart era," the DNC aims to meet the growing demand for skilled professionals in the field of semiconductor and electrical-electronic technology. Additionally, the DNC strives to become a center for training, scientific research, innovation, and technology transfer, serving as a dynamic, reliable, and cooperative bridge between industry professionals and researchers, both domestically and internationally. This will greatly contribute to the socio-economic development of the Mekong Delta region and the country as a whole.


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