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Apr 20,2023

Laboratory Medicine Technique



Along with the increasing need to protect and care for people's health, the medical laboratory industry is becoming one of the fields of study that many candidates and parents are interested in.

Considered one of the highest applicable disciplines in the development trend of modern society and indispensable in medical facilities, medical laboratory technique is showing great attraction to students, especially at a time when science and technology are developing strongly. The need for health protection and care is not only about the medical examination and treatment but also focuses on disease prevention.


Studying Medical Laboratory Engineering at DNC, students will be equipped with:

- Basic scientific knowledge, basic medicine, and specialized knowledge to independently and creatively solve problems in the field of Medical Laboratory Engineering.

- An understanding of the principles, rules, operating procedures, preservation, and maintenance of some types of equipment in the field of Medical Laboratory Technology.

- An understanding of laws and policies for the protection, care, and improvement of people's health.

- The ability to proficiently implement common clinical testing techniques and apply new techniques in specialized activities.

- The ability to perform mass testing in the community independently or in collaboration with colleagues.

- The ability to implement, inspect, and supervise the aseptic regulations, and regulations on the use of chemicals, specialized biological products, and biosafety in the laboratory.

- The ability to participate in the organization and management of a biomedical laboratory.

- The ability to implement quality assurance measures and test quality control. - The ability to participate in scientific research and access information from many different sources and forms.


- Consulting or performing the collection of patient and samples, environmental implementing samples; measures to ensure quality checking and the quality of techniques and tests in preventive consulting and medicine;

- Communicating with public health officials, and doctors, laboratory staff on the interpretation of results, collection of and testing applications in special cases...

- In addition, after graduation, it will meet the shortage of testing human resources at health facilities across the country, such as hospitals at all levels, the Central Institute of Testing, laboratories at Institutes of Hygiene Epidemiology, preventive medicine centers at provincial and district levels, other agencies and organizations conducting testing on the environment, nutrition, food hygiene and safety, and private testing centers.


- Students who graduate from the Laboratory Medicine Technique DNC program will receive a Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Science.

- The training duration is 4 years (equivalent to 8 semesters).

- They will have the ability to pursue postgraduate studies, leading to a Master's or Doctorate in a relevant field.