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Apr 04,2023

Scientific Research and International Cooperation Department


The Department of Scientific Research and International Cooperation (Science and International Cooperation) of Nam Can Tho University was established with the aim of acting as the focal point in organizing, managing and promoting the development of scientific research activities in the province. The University, advising the Rector on the overall strategy of scientific and technological research activities, domestic and foreign development cooperation to enhance the position of the University.


2.1 Functions

The Department of Scientific Research & International Cooperation has the function of advising in the following areas:

- Organizing, planning, implementing scientific research activities of lecturers, students, trainees and doctoral students; management, consulting, application and transfer of scientific research results; ensure intellectual property rights and copyright for scientific research products;

- Manage and develop teaching materials of lecturers;

- Developing international cooperation in scientific research and training; advising on overseas study activities for officials, lecturers, employees, students and students at the University.

2.2 Missions

2.2.1 Management of scientific research and teaching materials

- Advise, develop and submit to the Rector annual strategies and plans, and issue regulations and regulations on scientific research activities; manage and inspect the implementation of regulations and plans on scientific research activities in the University;

- Advise on the implementation and application of systems and programs to manage databases on science and technology of the University; managing and storing information of the system of scientific research topics and projects; statistics on research topics exploited by units and individuals in the University;

- Advise on the organization, direction, management, and speed of implementation of scientific and technological research projects of lecturers and learners; coordinate in organizing scientific research contests for students;

- Managing the compilation and printing of reference materials for teaching and scientific research; advise on the establishment of scientific councils for the acceptance of scientific research topics, scientific projects, appraisal of teaching materials;

- To assume the prime responsibility for, and coordinate with relevant units in, organizing national and international seminars and scientific conferences; propose to appoint officials, lecturers and learners to attend scientific conferences and seminars inside and outside the University;

Periodically inspect, examine, summarize and evaluate the results and effectiveness of scientific research activities of the University; report and propose to reward units and individuals with outstanding achievements in scientific research activities and promptly handle violations according to current regulations of the University.

2.2.2. Management of international cooperation

- Advising on the development of programs, plans and organizing the implementation of external activities with domestic and foreign units; receive and process information about activities with foreign elements; strengthen the exchange of staff, lecturers and students with international organizations in the field of scientific research and training ;

- Advise on the development of regulations on management of foreigners studying and working at the University, regulations and regulations on scientific and technological activities with international partners;

- Acting as the contact point between the University and foreign units and organizations; develop a plan to welcome and work with international delegations entering and leaving the University; support units and individuals to prepare documents to go on a business trip or study abroad;

- Advising on international cooperation and exchange on postgraduate training, planning long-term strategies on international training cooperation;

- Organize the storage and management of information, documents, records of foreign affairs and international relations in accordance with current regulations; manage the program and content of international relations activities of units and individuals in the University; manage and monitor the study abroad trips, scientific research of officials and lecturers of the University in international cooperation programs.




Scientific research work is very interested by staff and lecturers in the University. In the academic year 2021-2022 alone, 28 scientific research topics and 68 textbooks and textbooks have been approved and implemented.

The school has signed an international cooperation agreement to train 04 undergraduate classes in Information Technology, awarded by MUST (Malaysia University of Science Technology). In the near future, more international postgraduate training will be implemented.


The Department of Scientific Research & International Cooperation continues to promote the work of advising and promoting scientific research activities for individuals and units in the University; develop scientific and technological research topics at all levels; coordinate with implementing units to plan and implement scientific research and international cooperation activities of the University; promote scientific research among students; prioritize the implementation of scientific research projects with products for production; cooperate with domestic and foreign partners, organizations and individuals to strengthen the implementation of activities, strive to become a high-quality management unit on scientific research and international cooperation.