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Apr 18,2023

About the Software engineering


With the strong development of the technology market along with the continuous introduction of electronic devices such as smartphones, computers, ipads, etc., the opportunities and demands of the Software Engineering industry are increasing. This is a highly appreciated field in the engineering and technology industry and is expanding opportunities for development.


Software engineering is the study of the field of programming, analysis, design, and production of software that people call "software", "programs" or "applications" to meet needs. demand for use in management, operation,... of the company, enterprise, etc.


  • Provides basic computer knowledge.
  • Mastering the software development process, being able to deploy and build informatics application systems and analysis, designing and build software of high practical value from smart mobile phones, and games to robot development…
  • Equip students with the skills to design and implement specific, efficient, and secure software systems for multiple purposes.
  • Ability to self-study to absorb scientific and technical achievements, continue to improve and expand knowledge to adapt to the needs of socio-economic development.


After completing the training program in Software Engineering, students can take up some of the following job positions:

  • Companies developing software, designing websites, outsourcing software, and games; IT operation and development departments of agencies, factories, schools, banks... enterprises with IT applications; universities, colleges, and professional schools in the field of IT.
  • Experts analyze, design, install, administer and maintain computer software to meet different applications in agencies, companies, schools...
  • Working in the Information Technology department or needing to apply Information Technology of all units in need (administrative and non-business, banking, telecommunications, aviation, construction...). Working at consulting companies on proposing solutions, building and maintaining information systems.
  • Can self-publish games and applications on mobile devices.

  • Training duration: 4 years (equivalent to 8 semesters).