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Apr 18,2023

The E Zone Management Unit



The E Zone Management Unit was established with the purpose to manage the facilities and ensure security in the Multifunctional Practice Building. As a relatively new unit when it was established in July 2020, over the past two years, the Management Unit has been making every effort to assure that all the missions assigned by the University are accomplished, contributing to the overall development of the University.


2.1 Functions

As a unit of Nam Can Tho University, the E Zone Management Unit has the function of proposing essential ideas regarding the facilities to the Board of Rectors, taking responsibility for managing the facilities, and ensuring security at the Multifunctional Practice Building in E Zone, builds the landscape and enhances the environmental sanitation within the education and training system of the University.

2.2 Responsibilities

Specifically, the Management Unit performs the following responsibilities.

2.2.1 Ensure Political Security, Orderliness, and Safety in E Zone

Ensuring security and orderliness in the E Zone is a crucial mission, including preventing the likelihood of overcrowded gatherings of students, which may cause disorder and insecurity in the E Zone. During the operation of the Management Unit, attention is always paid to any issues which may lead to the risk of fire and explosion, which is also considered the top priority.

The Management Unit monthly organizes meetings to inspect and train the internal security staff on the mission of preventing fire and explosion and on how to operate the building (i.e. operating procedures, rescue methods in incidents with the elevators and facilities concerning water and electricity). After every training period, the Management Unit has a detailed report on individual evaluations.

2.2.2 Management of Facilities

Plan and cooperate with other functional departments of the University to timely resolve any malfunctions of equipment and facilities when they are in use in the E Zone.

Reserve and maintain facilities by implementing small repairs in classrooms and supplying enough water and electricity to create the best conditions for the learning and practice processes of students.

Respond to all queries about classrooms, equipment, and facilities in the Multifunctional Practice Building in the E Zone.

Receive registration for the rentals of soccer fields and classrooms in the Multifunctional Practice Building in the E Zone.

2.2.3 Management of Facilities in DNC Restaurant and Resort

The Management Unit has the function of arranging accommodation in the resort for guests and lecturers at Nam Can Tho University when there are approved requests from the Department of Personnel and Administration.

The Management Unit is responsible for managing and assigning staff in charge of ensuring sanitary conditions and looking after ornamental plants at the University.

Apart from the duties performed around the E Zone, the Management Unit is required to take another responsibility for ensuring security in the main entrance area as well as cooperating with the security staff in other zones to keep the university safe and secure.


The organizational structure of the E Zone Management Unit


4.1 Report on Achievements Based on the Assigned Functions and Responsibilities

In the academic year 2020-2021, the Management Unit accomplished all the assigned responsibilities well, achieving the title of Advanced Labor.

4.2 Activities

The Management Unit acts as a pioneer in all security activities at the University as well as timely deals with the difficulties facing students when they study in the Multifunctional Practice Building. The Management Unit also cooperates with other functional departments in exporting data from security cameras when required by the university administrators to address any security issues at the University.


With the expectation to develop the spirit of solidarity, the Management Unit will make more effort to accomplish all operating activities required by the University. Despite being a newly established unit, the Management Unit will endeavor step-by-step to have outstanding achievements every academic year.

The staff of the E Zone Management Unit