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Apr 07,2023

Admission and Communication office


The Admission and Communication office was established on October 28, 2015, by the Chairman of the Board of Management of Nam Can Tho University through Decision No. 58/QD-CTHĐQT-ĐHNCT. This decision marked a significant milestone in the University's organizational structure, reflecting department’s commitment to the University's development and professionalism.


As part of Nam Can Tho University's vision to enhance human resources in the Mekong Delta region and beyond, the Admissions Consulting and Communications Department offers valuable guidance and assistance to candidates who are exploring their career options. This is a vital step in shaping their future and aligning their goals with their potential. The department also supports current students with various services and resources to help them succeed academically and professionally. Through its work, the department contributes significantly to the university's mission of excellence and innovation in education.


Upon its inception, the department was comprised of three members. However, it has since expanded to include a total of eleven specialized individuals in the areas of admissions and communications. This includes one Department Head, two Deputy Heads, and eight specialists.


The Admissions Consulting and Communications department at Nam Can Tho University has achieved remarkable results in the past few years. Under the direction of the school's leadership and the support of the Board of Trustees, the department has invested in improving the infrastructure and facilities for career counseling and education for students. The department's efforts have paid off, as the school has consistently reached and exceeded its enrollment goals every year.

The department has also been creative and proactive in communicating the school's activities and achievements through DNC news, which has been running for more than three years. The department has also produced various programs such as Starting the Future with DNC, Healthy with DNC, and Career Orientation with DNC, which have attracted thousands of viewers and interactions. The school's communication channels have thus built a loyal and growing audience among the community.

For their outstanding work, the unit has received recognition for many consecutive years, including the title of "Excellent Labor Collective" and a Certificate of Merit from the Chairman of Can Tho City People's Committee for their achievements in education work.


In alignment with the mission and vision of Nam Can Tho University, our department is always learning and innovating to build strong connections between high school students and the university in terms of career orientation. As Nam Can Tho University continues to grow and develop, we’re constantly updating and finding creative ways to showcase the dynamic and ever-evolving nature of our institution to the community.