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May 25,2023

The 10th DNC Student Sports Festival 2022 - 2023: Opening Ceremony

The 10th DNC Student Sports Festival 2022 - 2023: Opening Ceremony


Do you love sports and physical activities? Do you want to join a fun and healthy event that celebrates the spirit of DNC students? If so, this post is for you!

We’re going to share with you our experience at the 10th DNC Student Sports Festival - academic year 2022 - 2023. This was an annual event that aimed to promote the sports spirit of DNC students and honor the 133rd birthday of President Ho Chi Minh.

We’ll show you some of the exciting moments of the festival, which involved hundreds of athletes and various sports disciplines. We’ll also explain how the festival helped us to have a healthy and fun time, improve our well-being and learning, and enhance our school culture.

If you’re curious about the 10th DNC Student Sports Festival and how you can participate in the next one, read on!


DNC Students Celebrate the Opening of the DNC Student Sports Festival with Vovinam Martial Arts. (Photo 1: DNC studio)


A Festival of Sportsmanship and Solidarity

One of the main goals of this festival is to foster a spirit of exchange, learning, and cooperation among students from different faculties. By participating in various sports activities, such as soccer, volleyball, basketball, and Tennis, students can improve their health, teamwork, and leadership skills. They can also share and spread their passion for sports with their peers and teachers, who will cheer them on and offer them advice.

A Festival of Challenge and Growth

Another goal of this festival is to provide students with an opportunity to test their limits, experience a professional competition process, and improve themselves day by day. Through sports, students can learn valuable lessons about perseverance, resilience, and excellence. They can also discover new talents and interests that they may not have realized before, such as martial arts like Vovinam, tracking, or swimming.

A Festival of Celebration and Recognition

Finally, this festival is a way to celebrate and recognize the achievements and contributions of our students in the field of sports. We are proud of our students who have shown dedication, enthusiasm, and excellence in their chosen sports. We also appreciate the support and guidance of our faculty members, staff, and sponsors who have made this festival possible. We will award medals and certificates to the winners and participants of each sport event, as well as feature their stories and photos on our website and social media.



The 10th DNC Student Sports Festival Awards 2022-2023 (Photo 2: DNC Studio)


The attendees of the opening ceremony

The opening ceremony was attended by leaders of Nam Can Tho University:

  • Dr. Nguyen Van Quang - Party Secretary, Rector of the University.
  • Mr. Mai Viet Ut - Party Committee member, Head of Political Affairs - Student Affair Department.
  • Mr. Nguyen Nhat Truong - Party Committee member, Secretary of Student Brand Party, Director of Student Support and Business Cooperation Center, Secretary of Communist Youth Union.
  • Mrs. To Thi Ngoc Tram - Deputy Secretary of Student Brand Party, Deputy Head of Admission and Communication Office, Deputy Secretary of Communist Youth Union, President of Student Association.
  • Including Deans of Departments and Faculties with Many instructors/lecturers who supported and supervised the athletes during the festival.
  • A large number of athletes who were students from different faculties and majors.

Dr. Nguyen Van Quang, Rector of Nam Can Tho University delivers opening speech at 10th DNC Student Sports Festival 2022-2023 (Photo 3: DNC Studio)


The festival featured athletes from 10 affiliated units, including the English Language Department and nine faculties: Architecture, Civil Engineering and Environment; Mechanical Engineering; Information Technology; Law; Engineering Technology; Pharmacy; Tourism and Hotel - Restaurant Management; Medicine; and Economics. The teams competed in 10 events: Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Tracking, Tug-of-War, Swimming, Tennis, and Vovinam for both men and women.

A Fiery Start to the 10th DNC Sports Festival 2022-2023 with the Torch Lighting Ceremony!
(Photo 4: DNC Studio)


This festival is more than just a series of sports events. It is a valuable opportunity for our athletes and students to grow and excel in various ways. Through this festival, the organizers will select outstanding athletes to join the Nam Can Tho University Student Sports Team. They will continue to train and compete in the city-hosted competitions, as well as the Student Sports Festival of regions and nationwide. This will help them develop their skills, confidence, and reputation in the sports field.

Moreover, this festival is also a way to maintain and promote the movement of physical training following the great example of Uncle Ho. We encourage all students to regularly practice and compete in sports to improve their health, develop their physique, and contribute to their comprehensive development. Sports can help you boost your mood, energy, and productivity.

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