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May 27,2023



On the afternoon of May 24, 2023, at the E2 hall of Nam Can Tho University, the DNC Rhetoric Competition of Tourism in 2023 took place. The competition aims to create a healthy, intellectual, and rewarding playground for students of the Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Management, Nam Can Tho University to expand their knowledge and practice skills through real-life situations, contributing to the formation of tourism managers, capable enthusiasm tour guides to serve the tourism sector in the future.

Photo 1. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Dao Ngoc Canh - Dean of the Faculty gave the opening speech at the Competition

Photo 2. Students performed to welcome the Competition

Photo 3. Dr. Dao Ngoc Canh on behalf of the Faculty's leaders presented flowers to the Judges


At the Competition, 50 Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Management contestants enthusiastically competed in 3 rounds. Preliminary Round: Contestants answer multiple-choice questions by holding up the alphabet corresponding to the answer A, B, C, D. If the contestants give the wrong answer they will be disqualified. Semi-final Round: Contestants draw lots and give presentations by topic. Final Round: Contestants answer questions from the Judges.

The Competition is an opportunity for tourism students to learn about Vietnam's rich and attractive tourism resources spread across all parts of the country, including featured rivers and attractive gardens in the Southwest region. In addition, contestants also have the opportunity to provide analysis and evaluation on tourism issues in specific areas today and answer behavioral questions raised by the Judges, helping contestants practice skills for their own tour guide.

Along with the contestants, the Competition also had the cheering participation of a large number of students from the Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Management, Nam Can Tho University, helping to make the Competition atmosphere more exciting.

Photo 4. Contestants for the Preliminary Round

Photo 5. The contestant presented about Cai Rang Floating Market (Can Tho)

Photo 6. The contestant presented about Hue Ancient Capital

As a result of the DNC Rhetoric Competition of Tourism 2023, student Truong Thi Tuyet Nhi won the First prize; student Tran Van Duong won the Second prize, and the Third prize belonged to student Le Hoa Long, the consolation prizes belonged to 2 students: Trieu Hoai Phong and Hong Nhat Hao. At the same time, the Organizing Committee also awarded the Team Prize to the DH21QTD01 class.

Photo 7. Excellent contestants of the DNC Rhetoric Competition 2023

Photo 8. DH21QTD01 class received the Team prize

The DNC Rhetoric Competition of Tourism 2023 has left a deep impression on tourism students, contributing to creating motivation and passion for future tourism graduates to strive to improve and meet the needs of developing tourism human resources in the Mekong Delta region and the whole country according to the goal of making tourism a spearhead economic sector that the Party and Government have set out.

Figure 9. Delegates and students took a souvenir photo


(Office of Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Management)