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Apr 03,2018

Report on the Bending Bamboo, iC3 March Workshop

The Bending Bamboo, iC3 March Workshop began on March 14th, 2018 with 26 participants from Can Tho Province High Schools, eight teachers from the Can Tho University Center for Foreign Languages, three students from Can Tho University and two participants from climate change research institutes in Can Tho. This workshop was approved by the Can Tho Department of Education and Training to support the efforts of NFL 2020. The workshop was aimed at C1 proficiency, seeking to build teacher confidence for excellence in language instruction that supports bilingualism, climate change and ecosystem resilience, and sustainable development. The Bending Bamboo curriculum is based on iC3 theory (intercultural communicative competence and confidence), the communicative approach, an integrated linguistic-development method, and blended learning techniques and tools




Over the course of nine days the participants learned from and collaborated with lead instructors, Dr. Dan Wessner and Mrs. Elizabeth Holdeman, about the best ways to address student motivation for learning English and how to apply the communicative approach to the Tieng Anh textbook series. The workshop was facilitated by Dr. Chau Thien Hiep- Professor of English Education and Can Tho University, Mrs. Tran Thi Sau- Professor of English Language Studies at Can Tho University, and Mrs. Vo Pham Trinh Thu- Vice Director for the Center for Foreign Languages at Can Tho University.


After nine days of deep learning the workshop concluded with a ceremony to celebrate the hard work of the participants and award them Certificates of Completion, signed and presented by Dr. Vo-Tong Xuan—Rector of Nam Can Tho University and Dr. Dan Wessner. Additionally, two Memorandums of Understanding were signed between NCTU and Future Generations University to further solidify Bending Bamboo’s partnership and plans for the future of the program, which is built on a platform of collaboration.

Katie Larson