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Jul 29,2016

Public relation (PR): High demand for human resource

In the context of vibrant economic competition, enterprises have to continually offer marketing strategies which increase market share and develop their brands. Therefore, marketing activities, in which PR plays a typical role, has become more and more important.


       Prof. Vo Tong Xuan, labor hero, People's Teacher - Rector of Can Tho University in Vietnam, said: “Public relation is a major that attracts plenty of candidates to apply for admission and has an attractive force to applicants. This can be explained that the role of PR staff is increasingly important, attractive and diverse working environment and preferential regimes due to the exposure to various publics groups. Thus, young people have the chance to put themselves among creative, dynamic persons, and always renewing with opportunities and sometimes new challenges”.

         Due to the shortage of the personnel majoring in PR, many enterprises say that they have no choice but to recruit personnel of other majors for PR positions. According to Vietnam Advertising Association statistics, there are currently about 7.000 PR – advertising companies in Vietnam, the labor forces for this is at least 70.000 laborers. Furthermore, corporations and companies really need skilled PR staff. Consequently, they have to recruit people from other majors such as journalism, foreign languages, economics or persons who have passed short-term trainings, even some persons who have never been trained in PR.

         Seeing the need of the labor market, some universities and colleges start training and education in PR. Among them, in the Mekong Delta, Nam Can Tho University is the only institution to get enrollment quota in full-time university PR program appointed by Ministry of Education and Training, with program code of D360708 from the year of 2014.

        The PR training program in Nam Can Tho University focuses on practice, skills training in order to meet outcome standards required by enterprises. PR major will equip students with skills to become experts in event, conference organization, spokespersons, branding, strategy consulting, press release composing, dialogue with the press, internal communication.

        Prof. Dr. Vo Tong Xuan also provides more information: in 2016, the University offers admission for 16 majors with University degree, including: Pharmacy, Accounting, Finance – Banking, Business Management, Travel and Tourism Management, Land Management, Environment and Natural Resources Management, Engineering Construction, Architecture, Chemical Engineering Technology, Economic Law, Environmental Engineering, Food Technology, IT, Real Estate and Public Relation; 07 majors with college degree, including: Pharmacy, Accounting, Finance – Banking, Business Management, Land Management, Construction Engineering and Architectural Engineering Technology; 05 majors with vocational training degree, including: Pharmacy, Physicians, Law, Land Administration, Accounting and majors interconnected from Vocational training and College to Law major with University degree; Law at Vocational Training degree to Economic Laws at University degree; Construction at Vocational Training degree to Construction at University degree.