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Apr 14,2023

Labor Union of Nam Can Tho University



The Labor Union of Nam Can Tho University was established under Decision No. 80/QĐ-LĐLĐ dated 05/5/2014 of the Standing Committee of the Can Tho City Confederation of Labor.

The executive committee of the Labor Union of Nam Can Tho University


1. Propaganda on the lines, policies, and laws of the state.

2. Education to improve political, cultural, legal, scientific, technical, professional, and professional qualifications.

3. Inspecting and supervising the implementation of policies, regimes, and laws, to ensure the implementation of the rights of trade union members.

4. Preventing negativity, corruption, and social evils, popularizing thrift and anti-waste policies.

5. Settlement of complaints, denunciations, and settlement of labor disputes.

6. Coordinate with the School Council to implement democracy regulations.

7. Guiding and helping employees perform their contractual duties.

8. Coordinating with the School Council and the Management Board to improve working conditions for employees.


The Labor Union of Nam Can Tho University has 05 members: Mr. Nguyen Tien Dung, Ms. Nguyen Xuan Tien, Ms. Tran Thi Tuyet Anh, Ms. Le Quynh Ngan, and Ms. Truong Thi Kim. Mr. Nguyen Tien Dung was elected to hold the position of President of the trade union, and Ms. Nguyen Xuan Tien held the position of Vice President of the trade union.

The Labor Union of Nam Can Tho University has always determined that promoting emulation movements that were one of the important and effective measures to promote the capacity, forte, initiative, and creativity of members, contributing to improving work efficiency. For many years in a row, the labor union of Nam Can Tho University has always won the title "strong and excellent grassroots trade union".


1. Building a strong trade union, participating in Party building, introducing elite members to the Party, and actively acting as a bridge between trade union members and the Party.

2. Mobilize trade union members to actively learn and research new technologies, advanced techniques, and thrift practices in parallel with political and ideological work, and in coordination with the expertise of building school culture.

3. Send staff to participate in trade union training. Participate in supplementing and amending mechanisms and policies related to employees.

4. Striving to successfully complete professional tasks, emulation movements contribute to protecting the legitimate rights and interests of employees.