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Apr 20,2023

Graduate School


1. Introduction

The Graduate School (GS) was established under Decision No. 10/QD-CTHĐT-ĐHNCT dated January 25, 2022, with the task of managing graduate training. Currently, the GS is responsible for managing and training master's degrees in majors such as Business Administration, Economic Law, Pharmacology and Clinical Pharmacy, Automotive Engineering, Information Technology, and Tourism Service Management and Travel, as well as Ph.D. training in Business Administration.

2. Functions and Missions

2.1 Functions

The GS has the function of advising and helping the Rector to organize, manage, and propose strategies to develop postgraduate education in order to ensure educational quality, coordinate with training units to manage students' scientific research activities, foster graduate knowledge, and link graduate training domestically and internationally.

2.2 Missions

2.2.1 Enrollment, academic and administrative work

- Coordinate with functional units to propose annual plans and targets for enrolling master's and doctoral degrees, and conduct enrollment in accordance with the regulations of the Ministry of Education and Training.

- Develop and submit to the Rector for regulations on enrollment and training degrees for master's and doctoral promulgation; guide and supervise relevant units to implement these regulations.

- Manage and organize teaching work, support academic work, and handle the study results of graduate students. Check the forms of the theses of the master and doctoral.

- Manage records, and establish procedures for consideration and recognition of graduation for the university to grant master and doctoral degrees.

- Coordinate the drafting of specific university regulations on teaching and postgraduate training. Develop guidelines for the implementation of documents related to postgraduate training. - Regularly update documents related to postgraduate training of the Ministry of Education and Training. Coordinate the drafting of specific university regulations on teaching and postgraduate training. Develop guidelines for the implementation of documents related to postgraduate training.

- Receive complaints and denunciations during the training process and submit them to the competent authorities for settlement.

2.2.2 Training quality management

- Coordinate with training units to build and improve graduate training programs according to the current regulations of the Ministry of Education and Training and Nam Can Tho University (DNC).

- Check and supervise the organization of teaching, the implementation of teaching and learning plans, and the timetables of graduate training units.

- Coordinating with the Center of Examination and Education Quality Assurance and relevant units to build the university's postgraduate training quality assessment and management system.

- Coordinate with training units to monitor the quality and progress of scientific research projects for masters and doctoral students.

2.2.3 Postgraduate training link

Linking with domestic institutes and universities to organize postgraduate training in accordance with social needs, and organizing international postgraduate training links.

2.2.4 Training support

 Coordinate with units in the university on activities such as using funds for graduate training, arranging and utilizing equipment and halls, holding classes for graduate training and enrollment; coordinating the organization of the defense of master's and doctoral theses according to regulations, and coordinating the graduation ceremony.

2.2.5 Retraining

Coordinate with units inside and outside the university to foster foreign language proficiency to achieve the prescribed level for candidates and graduate students, and provide professional knowledge training for masters and doctoral candidates.

3. Personnel

Organization chart of FGS

4. Activities

As of 2023, the DNC has trained four master's courses majoring in Business Administration (two courses graduated) and two master's courses majoring in Economic Law with nearly 200 students.

5. Oriented Development

The GS always actively works to improve the quality of management and advises the DNC to cooperate and link higher education training with domestic educational institutions, especially countries with advanced education. The GS regularly consults to adjust, and update the training program, and supervise scientific research activities related to theses of students to achieve good quality. The GS strives to become a prestigious and quality university training management unit, contributing to the development of highly qualified human resources for the Mekong Delta and the whole country.

6. Contact

Dean: Associate Prof. Dr. Le Thanh Phong

           Meritorious teacher

           Farmer's Scientist


Manage postgraduate training, scientific research of postgraduate students, and scientific journals.

Expert: MSc Ho Nhat Phuong Nhi, email:

Manage postgraduate training plans, and scientific and technological research projects, and prepare teaching schedules.

Expert: BSc Nguyen Thi Thuy Linh, email:

Manage and edit scientific articles for the Journal of Science and Economic Development.