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Apr 20,2023

General medicine


The demand for health care, medical examinations, and treatments in the community is increasing day by day. Therefore, the health sector always needs a large number of human resources to serve the industry. Vietnam's population is constantly increasing every year, the environment and food are becoming increasingly polluted and toxic, leading to an impact on human health, so the need for health care is an urgent issue is that highlighted daily. Not to mention, it is estimated that in the next five years, the demand for home health care will increase to about 38.1%, so the need for medical personnel will be very urgent.


General medicine - General practitioners, also known as general doctors or family doctors, treat chronic and acute diseases, prescribe preventive measures, direct patients to recovery, and prescribe medicine. The general practitioner's diagnostic duties are not limited to a particular organ of the examiner, and GPs are trained to treat patients with a wide range of acquired health problems. General practitioners do not limit treatment by gender, age, or complexity of the disease, but will treat depending on regulations in each country.


Future doctors trained at the DNC will have to meet the following standards.

* Learning attitude

- Devoted to the cause of caring for, protecting, and improving people's health; respecting, sympathizing, and wholeheartedly serving the patient;

- Respecting and sincerely cooperating with colleagues; preserving and promoting the fine tradition of the industry;

- Attaching importance to the combination of modern medicine with traditional medicine;

- Respecting the law, properly and fully fulfilling obligations and professional requirements;

- Being honest, objective, progressive, and having the ability to do scientific research and study to improve qualifications.

* Knowledge

- Having basic scientific knowledge and basic medicine as the foundation for clinical medicine;

- Having basic knowledge about diagnosis, treatment, and prevention;

- Having scientific methodology in disease prevention, treatment, and scientific research;

- Firmly grasping the laws and policies on the protection, care, and improvement of people's health.

* Advanced skill

- Capable of diagnosing and treating common emergency diseases;

- Orienting for diagnosis of specialized diseases; promptly transferring the patient in accordance with safety regulations;

- Specifying and evaluating basic functional tests and techniques for the diagnosis of common diseases;

- Proposing appropriate treatment measures to take care of, improve, and protect public health and the environment;

- Carrying out some simple tests in the community;

- Early detection of epidemics and participation in epidemic prevention;

- Applying for traditional medicine in disease prevention and treatment;

- Carrying out the work of health counseling and education, caring for, protecting, and improving people's health;

- Participating in scientific research;

- Being able to use at least one foreign language and informatics to improve professional qualifications.


After graduating from General Medicine at the DNC, General Doctors can work in medical facilities under the Vietnamese health system as regulated by the Ministry of Health, such as medical stations of wards and communes, health centers at the district, province/city level, medical examination, and treatment facilities, and the Nam Can Tho University Hospital. They can also work in colleges, medical schools, and medical universities and have the ability to continue to study for a Master's or Doctorate degree in medicine in Vietnam or abroad.


- Graduates of General Medicine at the DNC will be granted a General Practitioner's degree.

- Training duration: 6 years (equivalent to 12 semesters).