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Apr 22,2023

Education Development and training links between Nam Can Tho University and Yuan Ze University


Ngoc Minh

Duc Nguyen – English editor

In recent years, international academic cooperation has became a growing trend among students and institutions around the world. This is especially true in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has led to a greater focus on online learning and collaboration. Students who participate in international academic cooperation have the opportunity to receive advanced education from many different countries around the world.

On April 21, 2023, a representative of Yuan Ze University (Taiwan) had the opportunity to visit and collaborate with Nam Can Tho University to discuss issues of educational innovation and academic partnership between the two schools.

Yuan Ze University was established in 1989, has five faculties: Engineering, Informatics, Management, Humanities & Social Sciences, and Electrical & Communication Engineering. It is the top-ranked bilingual university in Taiwan and the first school in Taiwan to receive the National Quality Award in 2003.

Yuan Ze University , Taiwan. (Photo: Internet)

Prof. Alex Wei, Dean of the Industrial Academy, and Asst Prof. Bui Dien Giau, Director of the International Cooperation Section of the Global Affair Office, represented Yuan Ze University at the meeting. On the side of Nam Can Tho University, there were Dr. Nguyen Van Quang – Rector and Assoc Prof. Dao Duy Huan - Vice Rector in charge of International Cooperation, along with representatives from various faculties.

Prof. Alex Wei (right) and Asst Prof. Bui Dien Giau (left). (Photo: DNC Studio)

Representatives of the Nam Can Tho University. (Photo: DNC Studio)

The meeting was a productive dialogue on how the two schools could work together and enhance bilingual education in an international setting. Bilingual education is a valuable and attractive choice for students who aim to study and work in a diverse and dynamic world. It enables them to gain exposure to different cultures, perspectives, and experiences, and to improve their skills and competencies. Both universities also examined the impact of innovative technologies such as automated agriculture, which employs automation and smart devices to increase agricultural efficiency and sustainability; solar energy, which converts sunlight into renewable energy for various purposes; and AI, which uses artificial intelligence and big data to enhance the performance and productivity of the Industry 4.0. Prof. Alex Wei also offered Can Tho University students to join him in Taiwan for further study, research and exposure to a multicultural education environment, where they can gain valuable insights, experiences and knowledge from different backgrounds, cultures and languages

Prof. Alex Wei discussed with representatives of Nam Can Tho University. (Photo: DNC Studio)

International academic cooperation is a valuable and appealing choice for students who aim to study and work in a global environment. It gives them the opportunity to learn from different cultures, perspectives, and experiences, and to enhance their skills and competencies. Nam Can Tho University understands the relevance and value of international academic cooperation, and will increase its cooperation and partnership with universities from different countries around the world. This will advance the development and quality of education at Nam Can Tho University, and provide more opportunities for students to accomplish their academic and career goals.