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Apr 20,2023

Department of Land Management




The Department of Land Management is tasked with supporting the university in teaching, training, and scientific research in the field of Land Management according to Decision No. 182/QD-BGDDT on January 21st, 2014. In the process of formation and development, the department has contributed much to the formation and development of the Faculty of Architecture, Construction & Environment in particular and Nam Can Tho University in general;

Up to now, the department has been training quantity at 301 students including the courses of 2014-2018, 2015-2019, 2016-2020, 2017-2021, 2018-2022, 2019- 2023, 2020-2024, 2021-2025, and 2022-2026.

With the goal of training learners capable of contributing to the field of land management for socio-economic development as well as with the goal of learners being center, the training sector and lecturers ensure to provide enough knowledge for learners to participate in the management and use of land resources, harmonious and balanced use between economic development and environmental protection. Efficient use of land in urban and rural areas in accordance with planning and legal regulations


The undergraduate program in Land Management aims to train and equip students with the following knowledge and skills:

- Comprehensive knowledge of the legal system and land management technologies based on relevant knowledge of Geography, Surveying and Mapping, Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems, Land Information Systems, etc.

- Knowledge and skills in land surveying technology, such as measuring and collecting data on land using advanced technologies (total station technology, GPS technology, digital imaging technology, etc.), establishing thematic maps (land registration maps, land use planning maps, etc.) in digital format, designing and operating land information systems.

- Knowledge in the field of state land management, such as land allocation, land leasing, land reclamation, issuing certificates of land use rights, ownership of houses and other assets attached to the land, etc.

- Skills in creating and managing cadastral records, building and editing maps of land use status, and maps of land use planning; skills in land valuation, project investment planning, and management.


After graduating from Nam Can Tho University, students have the opportunity to work in:

  • Central and local agencies and departments such as the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, the Department of Natural Resources and Environment of provinces and centrally governed cities, the Land Registration Office at all levels, the Land Fund Development Center, etc.
  • Fields of resource management, urban, agriculture, and rural development project management and evaluation.
  • Real estate companies, brokers, appraisal agencies, planning, surveying, etc.
  • Teaching at universities, colleges, and vocational schools in the field of land management.


- Graduates of the Land Management program at Nam Can Tho University will be awarded a degree in Land Management Engineering.

- Training system: Full-time university, with a training period of 4 years (equivalent to 8 semesters).


Department of Land Management of Architecture - Construction and Environment Faculty of Nam Can Tho University

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