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Apr 22,2023

Assoc. Dr. Hasanuzzaman Tushar representative of IUBAT University, Bangladesh has visited and worked at DNC


Duc Nguyen

On April 21, 2023, Nam Can Tho University had the pleasure of hosting Assoc. Dr. Hasanuzzaman Tushar from IUBAT University in Bangladesh. During his visit, discussions were held regarding the establishment of a cooperative partnership between the two universities. This meeting laid the foundation for fostering strong connections and promoting bilateral collaboration, ultimately enhancing educational efforts on an international scale.


The International University of Business Agriculture and Technology - Bangladesh (IUBAT) holds the distinction of being the first non-governmental university in the country. IUBAT has secured an impressive position in the AppliedHE Private University Rankings 2023, a globally oriented higher education branding and assessment company based in Asia, focused on creating positive breakthroughs in the field of global higher education studies. With its strong ranking in the ASEAN and Asia Pacific regions, IUBAT's collaboration with Nam Can Tho University represents a significant honor and opportunity for both institutions to promote the development of international education.

The discussion focused on signing a cooperation agreement for mutual development between IUBAT and DNC. (Photo: DNC Studio)

The meeting was attended by Assoc Prof. Hasanuzzaman Tushar, who represented IUBAT University, Bangladesh. From the Nam Can Tho University, the attendees included Assoc Prof. Dao Duy Huan - Vice Rector in charge of International Cooperation, and along with representatives from various faculties.

The discussion mentioned several informations about cooperation agreements  (Photo: DNC Studio)

Nam Can Tho University has made significant contributions to national development by promoting international training cooperation. This includes providing high-quality human resources, facilitating the transfer of educational technology, and playing a vital role in training lecturers and administrators. Specifically, the university offers students the opportunity to engage in research exchanges and acquire a wealth of international knowledge. Furthermore, Nam Can Tho University has expanded its efforts by encouraging students to enroll in international programs and study abroad, making it an accessible option for those seeking a global education.

UIBAT University and Nam Can Tho University had a working session to discuss the possibilities of academic collaboration and student exchange (Photo: DNC Studio)

At the meeting, both schools, DNC and IUBAT, engaged in discussions regarding educational development and strengthening ties within the framework of their cooperation. Both institutions agreed to implement joint programs and establish mutually beneficial agreements. Their collaboration will encompass various aspects, such as supporting lecturers, experts, and students; sharing scientific research, training courses, and short-term programs; exchanging information and academic documents; participating in conferences and seminars; working together on team development projects; and organizing field trips and experiential learning opportunities.

An opportunity to collaborate for educational advancement and to elevate the global standing of both institutions. (Photo: DNC Studio)

In the near future, Nam Can Tho University aims to enhance cooperation with universities worldwide, offering modern and comprehensive training programs that address both national and international labor market demands. The university is committed to advancing in a step-by-step manner, with international training cooperation serving as its foundation, to steadily integrate with global education standards. This approach is essential for elevating the institution's capacity and standing in the region and worldwide, as well as creating a dynamic, professional, and highly internationalized academic and work environment. This, in turn, contributes to the university's role in cultivating global citizens, thereby providing DNC students with greater opportunities for personal development and expanding their international knowledge.