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Apr 23,2023




Architecture is a specific branch between the two fields of art and engineering related to the organization of space arrangement and design documentation of architectural works. The job of an architect is to design the ground, space, form, and structure of a building and provide architectural solutions in different construction fields stemming from the actual needs of places to live, play, work, travel, etc of people.

With the goal of training to serve socio-economic development, the undergraduate architecture program provides students with an overview of politics, the military, and science after graduation. study nature with specialized knowledge of Architecture. From there, students can develop soft skills and professional skills corresponding to the major in Architecture. In addition, students are supported and guided to form and develop political personalities and ethics.

The architecture curriculum provides students with sufficient knowledge and skills to be able to participate in the design work at companies and organizations as well as to perform services and activities. management at the relevant authorities.


The Architect curriculum of Nam Can Tho University aims to train and equip students with knowledge and skills as follows:

    - Foundational knowledge and expertise in the field of architecture: from forming and developing ideas to practical skills through using specialized tools and software to implement ideas; In particular, the program is always updated with new trends in world architecture such as green architecture, sustainable architecture, design techniques according to user's use.

   - Skills to apply knowledge and technology to practice architectural design of houses, public works, industrial works, general works, interior, and urban planning. Students are equipped with additional knowledge and skills of an architect such as a foreign language specialized in architecture

    - Ability to proficiently use software for design, construction supervision, and architectural consulting; Ability to critique, communicate and work effectively in a team.


After graduating from the Architecture Department at Nam Can Tho University, students will be awarded an Architect degree, able to work in many specific positions as follows:

- Experts and technicians working at design companies, enterprises operating in the field of construction - design - planning, construction organizations, inspection and construction-related companies, and architecture construction.

- Officials working at agencies, governmental/non-governmental organizations, management, research, and appraisal companies related to construction and architecture.

- Staff and assistants working at scientific and technical education and training units related to the field of architecture


- Graduates of Architecture at DNC will be awarded an Architect degree.

- Training system: Full-time, with a training period of 05 years (equivalent to 10 semesters).


Faculty of Architecture – Construction and Environment, Nam Can Tho University.

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