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Apr 18,2023

About the Computer science


Today, with the development of technology and our country's orientation towards engineering and technology, and Computer Science is the place to provide you with a clear path and important foundations. best to work with the technology of the future.


Computer science is the study of computers and computing systems, processes, and how computers work, and improving and enhancing the performance of algorithms, new technologies, and communication. between computers and humans. Through this industry, you can build artificial intelligence software products and machine learning...




  • Having basic and in-depth knowledge of computer science and information technology, capable of designing complex computational processing systems, software of high scientific and technological quality, testing, managing computer systems, and informatics systems.
  • Ability to deploy and build computer application systems and analysis, design and build software of high practical value, with creativity, especially intelligent applications based on data processing. knowledge processing, natural language processing, and multimedia data processing and mining.
  • Able to self-study, independently analyze, and research in-depth problems in the field of Computer Science and the applications of computer science in Information Technology. postgraduate level of training.



After completing the Computer Science program, students will be fully equipped with the knowledge and skills to meet the following job positions:

  • Experts analyze, design, and install information technology projects to meet different applications in agencies, companies, and schools...
  • A project planner, planner, or policymaker developing computer applications, or a programmer who develops system software.
  • Working in manufacturing and software outsourcing companies in the country as well as abroad. Work at consulting companies to propose solutions, build and maintain information systems or work in the information technology department.
  • Scientific researchers and information technology applications in institutes, research centers, and research agencies of ministries, branches, universities, and colleges.
  • Teaching computer science-related subjects at universities, colleges, professional secondary schools, vocational schools, and high schools.
  • Besides, you can also take on a number of other jobs such as programmer, consultant, quality supervisor, project administrator or architect, design system engineer, data architect, Engineer in charge of research, development, and operation of software…


Training period: 4 years